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Automatic Dyeing Machine

Automatic Dyeing Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

Automatic Dyeing Machine

We are a well known manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Programmer for Dyeing Machine for Fully Automatic Operation, that avoids all kind of manual lapses associated with the dying procedure. It increases the production capacity due to completely automatic functioning. This device comes with a  20*4 LCD display to show time, gradients, temperature and other essential information. Our Programmer for Dyeing Machine for Fully Automatic Operation also consists of 4 analog cards, which can be extended uo to 4 to 20ma, depending upon the users requirements.

Features :

  • Suitable for automatic operation of the main vessel (only main vessel or kier) as well as color tanks
  • Automatic function of filling main vessel drain main vessel &rinsing using level switches
  • Operator call with message (load, unload, check ph prepare tank, add chemicals, add dyes etc)
  • 20*4 lcd display with simple english message command for easy understanding for operator
  • 1rtd +8 digital input +16 digital output(standard configuration) expandable to 64 di&64do
  • 35 recipe of 99 step each can be permanently stored
  • Automatic function of color tank like fill ct, drain ct, mv to ct, ct to mv(inject ct) ,dosing ct etc.
  • Time temperature profile (ramp& soak)for controlling the rate of rise & fall during thermoregulation also hold time
  • Pressurization& depressurization of main vessel (kier)
  • 4analog input card can be expanded (4 to 20 ma ) for level transmitter instead of level switches (optional)
  • 4analog output card can be expanded (0 to 10vdc or 4 to 20 ma ) for pump & inside winch speed control(optional)
  • Separate individual card for digital inputs, digital outputs and expandable analog inputs & analog outputs
  • Special card for filling main vessel with flow meter for precipice batching of water (optional)