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Dyeing Machine Control Panel

Dyeing Machine Control Panel

Product Details:


Product Description

We are a customer centric manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Controller for Dyeing Machine Control Panel. This is equipped with advanced panels that have different chokes, inverter, mcbs and many other striking attributes to improve the efficiency. Used for parallel programming, this machine finds its application in many reputed industries of the domain. In order to enhance the safety, we have outfitted our Controller for Dyeing Machine Control with insulated pressure switches, limit switches, stand by for extreme temperature,  pressure failure alarm for air inlet and reliable alarms for over temperature and over pressure.

Exclusive Attributes :
  • Touch screen controllers with windows ce : robust operating system tailored for industrial applications sedo-treepoint (make)
  • Reducing the process time by using parallel programming instead of sequential programming
  • Logging of temperature curve,functions,alarms & visualization of process on controller
  • Support of multi language more then 10
  • Storage of a virtually unlimited number of dyeing programs
  • Possible to integration with chemical dispensing &dye kitchen (optional)
  • Also can provide mini or central supervisory& monitoring system for multiple machine as per customer requirements (optional)
  • Internet technology(integrated web server) for remote access from any pc in the plant network via microsoft internet explorer
  • USB interface : for in expensive devices like memory keys (copy/save programs) and other pc peripherals
  • Ethernet tcp/ip network :link to central system & other dye house system(optional)
Process Features :
  • In the filling process keeping the liquid ratio constant for the whole batch using electromagnetic flow meter and differential pressure type level transmitter
  • Exact temp gradient control using modulating control valves with electronuematic positioner
  • Programmable automated dosing of dyes & chemicals with different curves (linear, progressive &degressive)
  • Also possible under ht condition (using metering pump ,inverter &analog level sensor) (optional)
  • 3 different fill valve (soft, cold ,hot) & 3 drain user selectable
  • Jet washing system for washing main vessel (kier) without filling the whole vessel gives good amount of water &energy saving
  • Adding 1 stock tank+ 1additional tank can reduce the process time & energy with parallel programming function (optional)
  • Differential pressure control using main pump inverter& dp pressure sensor (optional)
  • Seam detector for seam catching ,cycle time study & circulation control (optional)
  • Rinsing different type (counter,time,interval,oscillation) as per use requirement
  • Power drain for fast draining of the main vessel(kier) using main pump(optional)
  •  Combined rinsing & cooling facility for main vessel (optional)
  •  On line ph-tds indication & control system(optional)
Panel Features :
  • Separate mcbs for all motor & control
  • Separate inverter for mainpump, inside winch, platting, dosing etc.
  • Separate choke for each inverter
  • Spacious panel for easy working and maintaining
  • Phoenix make (connectors)
  • Honeywell make (control relays &limit switches)
  • Hensel make (pushbutton stations)
  • Control transformer for 230 vac control
  • All electrical accessories standard make
  • Schneider make (switchgears, mcbs, pushbuttons, selector switches),
  • Lapp make (power cable & screen cable ,lugs)
  • 2 separate 24vdc smps for plc and other controls
  •  Inside winch & main pump speed indicator on the main push button station with speed control facility for easy operation for the operator
  •  Led indicators for all valves and motors for easy diagnosis of its on / off
  •  Entanglement annunciating device by monitoring the inside winch motor current continuously and giving an alarm in abnormal condition
Safety Features :
  • Limit switches for filter& door
  • Separate pressure switches for overpressure alarm depressurization of main vessel(kier)
  • On operation possible in pressurization mode that can create any hazard to operator or staff
  • Tower lamp for indication of operator call, alarm, running for operator visible from distance
  • Over pressure alarms hotter
  •  Over temperature alarms
  • Air inlet pressure failure alarm
  • Stand by extra temperature controller